Back in 1989, NatureWorks had a big, crazy idea. What if they could turn greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into products? They got to work, looking to plants for inspiration. It took a lot of hard thinking and some real innovation, but today Ingeo polymers are valued for their unique properties and found in products from coffee capsules to electronics.

Nature looks at greenhouse gases, like atmospheric carbon, as a feedstock, a raw material. It’s what trees, plants, or coral reefs are made from. At NatureWorks, we like to say that Mother Nature was the first to get into additive manufacturing. Now, using 3D filament made from Ingeo and the right 3D printer, you get to do the same thing.

Filament made from our specialized Ingeo PLA grades for 3D printing deliver properties and performance not found in other raw materials or PLA’s. These grades can only be purchased directly from NatureWorks or through one of our authorized distributors.

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