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3D-Fuel manufactures high quality 3D filament in the USA and Europe. We offer Advanced PLA products as well as a number of exotic materials for 3D printing. If you are a high-volume or wholesale buyer, contact us directly. If you are an end user, please contact one of our dealers or distributors below:

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3D Printing Store

The 3D Printing Store

The 3D Printing Store opened in Denver, Colorado in November, 2012. Co-founders Debra Wilcox and Kenton Kuhn decided that 3D printing was a cool technology, well-known to engineers, but not readily available to the public. The idea of a bricks and mortar store seemed to be the best way to make this a consumer facing reality. With a growing list of customers, The 3D Printing Store has quickly become the place to Print Your Ideas®.

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We are 3D-Tools and we’re here to bridge the gap between what is, what can and what will be. Whether you’ve been 3d printing for a while or whether you’re new to the whole game, 3D-Tools would like to be that resource for you!

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3D MakerWorld

3D Maker World is a U.S.-based 3D printing technology company. It designs and manufactures professional-grade consumer 3D printers and accessories, and supplies high-quality 3D printing materials and components to the global 3D printing market. The company is dedicated to advance 3D printing technology with constant innovation and engineering excellence, and provide a high standard of service to the 3D printing community. The company is located in Overland Park, Kansas.

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clean strands logo

Clean Strands

From recycled coffee grounds and discarded wood chips to wild harvested non-GMO algae, Clean Strands specializes in 3D printing filaments made from natural, sustainable materials that are safe for your health and for the environment.

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Fargo 3D Printing Logo

Fargo 3D Printing

The 3D printing pros at Fargo 3D Printing will help get your classroom, business, or personal workshop up and running with 3D printing.

They’ll help choose the best 3D printers, software, materials and accessories for your situation.

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HartSmart Product

HartSmart Products is an eco-friendly 3D printing, design, and prototyping firm based in Des Moines, IA.  As a supplier of exclusively eco-friendly 3D printing materials, HartSmart caters to small businesses, engineers, makers, entrepreneurs, and independent inventors in the Midwest who want to bring their concept or innovation to life without negatively impact the environment.

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matterhackers logo


Join us in our quest to give everyone the power to make anything.

From software, to supplies, to printers, we are working hard to enable people to turn the ideas they have into the things they use.

MatterHackers is headquartered in beautiful Orange County, California. Feel free to stop by our showroom and see what 3D printing is all about.

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micro center logo

Micro Center

Micro Center has over 25 brick & mortar locations nationwide in addition to a robust online store. Now stocking c2composite materials with additional materials stocked soon!

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Monarch 3d Logo Final

Monarch 3D Warehouse

Our focus is and always will be Quality and Customer Satisfaction. Top Quality 3D Filament is the key to Successful prints. The most expensive part of 3D printing is not the filament. It is the time lost when an 8 hour print fails at the seventh hour due to a filament that is over-sized, under-sized, or out of round.

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New Pueblo Tech

Selling the latest and best offerings in 3D Printing today!

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Ultimate 3D Printing Store Wanhao Logo Picture 14

Ultimate 3D Printing Store

Ultimate 3D Printing Store is the first E-Commerce business in Tampa Bay dedicated to the future of 3D printing.

With a large variety of the best 3D printers and supplies on hand, we truly are a one-stop shop destination. You can find anything related to 3D printing that you might want available on our website.

We are family owned and operated, a true small business trying to succeed in this new, robust and ever-changing economy. We believe small businesses are the key to preserve the core values of our great nation, and we are proud to serve you.

We provide exceptional customer service, technical support and guidance as you join the revolution and dive into the technological future of 3D printing.

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Canada  |  USA 

3D Printing Canada

3D Printing Canada is one of the best providers of 3D printers and filaments in Canada. We provide our customers with various services related to both professional and home-based 3D printers’ maintenance, supplies and training. No matter if you are a business or an individual hobbyist, we cater to the needs of all kinds.  Our storefront is based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and we ship to both Canada and the US.

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digitmakers logo


Based in Markham, Ontario, Canada, DigitMakers is one of Canada’s most promising retailers of 3D printers, filaments and parts.

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filaments.ca logo


Canada’s source for 3D printing filaments!

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3DPrinthingsEU_color_fin 500 x 369


3DPrinthings webshop is based in De Pinte, Belgium.

We have a true passion for 3D-printing ourselves and want to share this with our customers. We are available to respond to your questions, before and after your purchase. As a member of Flam3D, the independent 3D printing platform in Flanders, Belgium, we stay in touch with the latest developments in the field.

Our main focus is 3D printing in the home and school environment and our customers are mostly consumers who want to discover 3D printing and enjoy it as a hobby. That is why we offer high quality products at an affordable price. We prefer to sell products that have a low environmental impact and can be safely used in a home and school environment.

Our motto: 3D printing 4 everyone!

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iDig3Dprinting is an e-commerce site dedicated to all things related to 3D printing. Our aim is to build a comprehensive stock of 3D printers, 3D printer filament, 3D printer accessories, models and information to help you make the most of the 3D printer revolution for home users, schools, colleges and universities. For one we are very much in favour of using 3D printing in education, to this end we are always interested in offering 3D printer educational discounts.


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