3D-Fuel and Raise3D Collaborate to Certify Pro PLA Filament

After extensive testing, 3D-Fuel and Raise3D are proud to announce that 3D-Fuel Pro PLA filament is the first 3D printing material certified in Raise3D’s Open Filament Program. 3D-Fuel Pro PLA is an easy-to-use 3D printing material that has over twice the impact strength than ABS, but with no toxic fumes. Pro PLA is engineered and designed specifically with 3D printing […]

3D-Fuel™ Introduces New Water Soluble Filament

Water soluble filaments for 3D printing have been around for a while but most, such as PVA, are difficult to work with. In an effort to offer a better support material, today 3D-Fuel is introducing a new water soluble material, HydroSupport. Because it dissolves in water, HydroSupport only needs to be soaked a few hours to easily work supports off […]

3D-Fuel™ Introduces New APLA+ Offering Heat and Impact Resistance Rivaling ABS

Partnering with NatureWorks, LLC., in the release of their new Ingeo PLA formulation offering high heat and impact resistance, 3D-Fuel introduces Advanced PLA+ (APLA+). APLA+ was created specifically for 3D printing, where most filament materials are formulated first for other industries then adapted for FDM filaments. Its predecessor, APLA (Advanced PLA), was the first ever material formulated for 3D printers. Specifically, […]

3D-Fuel™ Introduces New Composite Material Made From Trash

3D-Fuel continues to demonstrate dedication to developing new and interesting materials for the 3D printing market and the maker movement at large. New Landfillament is 3D-Fuel’s latest composite filament, made from upcycled municipal solid waste (MSW). On location, the MSW, from which metals have been removed, is run through a process called pyrolysis – a thermochemical decomposition of organic material […]

3D-Fuel™, 3Dom USA™ and 3Dom Europe™ to Unite Operations and Become 3Dom Fuel™

Bonne Terre, Missouri, USA March 21, 2016. 3D-Fuel™ LLC, Dom USA™, and 3Dom Europe™ LLC are teaming up under one roof and a new company name – 3DomFuel™. This new conglomerate will combine the resources and capabilities of all three companies. This will expand production capabilities, enhance the quality of the 3D printing products, provide competitive pricing, and build a truly intercontinental sales and […]

3D-Fuel™ To Dramatically Increase Filament Offerings

Bonne Terre, Missouri, USA, February 29, 2016 3D-Fuel is celebrating Leap Day with a leap forward in their manufacturing capabilities and product offerings. Contrary to a recent press release by another manufacturer, 3D-Fuel will continue to manufacture a full line of products, with 3D Printing being the sole focus of 3D-Fuel. 3D-Fuel was selected by one organization as a “Best […]

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