Bonne Terre, Missouri, USA, February 29, 2016
3D-Fuel is celebrating Leap Day with a leap forward in their manufacturing capabilities and product offerings. Contrary to a recent press release by another manufacturer, 3D-Fuel will continue to manufacture a full line of products, with 3D Printing being the sole focus of 3D-Fuel.

3D-Fuel was selected by one organization as a “Best in Show” for CES 2016, where the team met with many current and future customers. The message received from the customers was clear: produce higher quality products, with a wider range of material options, all at a better price.

In response to a “rebranding” comment by another company, 3D-Fuel’s President, Steve Gall, stated, “There has never been a request or any consideration to rebrand the 3D-FuelTM line of offerings. In fact, we have seen a major increase in the market for 3D-Fuel branded products and the brand has grown tremendously over the past 12 months.”

3D-Fuel is also adding several new materials to the high quality lineup. While continuing to produce the flagship Advanced PLA product line with higher quality than before, 3D-Fuel’s new products will provide materials with great mechanical properties, as well as innovative materials using both natural and recycled materials.

CEO, Matthew Stegall, stated, “It is an exciting time for 3D-Fuel and our family of customers. We are finalizing major changes to our manufacturing infrastructure that will result in a level of quality unsurpassed by any other manufacturer. This new infrastructure will allow faster R&D to bring new materials to the market with better pricing than previously seen. Our family of 3D-Fuel users are in for an incredible 2016.”

Watch for a major announcement about our new line of products and manufacturing capabilities shortly. Don’t settle for products that can’t match up to 3D-Fuel’s level of quality, commitment, and functionality. If a product doesn’t carry the current 3D-Fuel logo, then it’s not 3D-Fuel’s current line of products.

Always go with the best and look for the official 3D-Fuel logo when “Fueling Your Creativity™”.


The Official 3D-Fuel Logo


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