good standard pla 3d printing filament

Standard PLA

Basic PLA Material

An economical, reliable 3D printing material with a basic color selection. Standard PLA is our most popular 3D printing material and it’s easy to see why: no harsh fumes, no heated bed necessary, and 100% bio-based. Great for quick, inexpensive prototypes.

better apla workday pla 3d printing filament

Workday PLA (APLA)

High Temp Resistance

A high-temperature PLA designed from the ground up for 3D printing with our broadest selection of colors. Workday PLA is for those of you who need to get things done. A beautiful balance of performance, price, and capabilities.

best apla plus pro pla 3d printing filament


High Temp Resistance + High Impact Strength

Better impact toughness than ABS with high-temp resistance to match. Available in our most popular colors. Pro PLA is for the professionals and serious hobbyists that need uncompromising performance in a supremely easy-to-print material.

Ingeo Materials

Our selection of PLA materials uses only official NatureWorks Ingeo PLA resins. Why Ingeo materials? Ingeo PLAs have an exceptional eco-profile with unrivaled friendliness to our planet without compromising on performance.

Eco-Friendly Composite Materials

Better materials for a better planet. 3D-Fuel has partnered with c2renew to produce a beautiful line of eco-friendly materials. These composite materials use waste and planet-friendly Ingeo PLA to create beautiful, functional, sustainable 3D prints.

Wound Up

Coffee Filament
3D-fuel wound up coffee filament cathedral close up 265 x 149

A coffee filled 3D printing filament made using waste byproducts from coffee roasting to create a special 3D printing material with visibly unique print finishes.

Wound Up produces products with a rich brown color and a noticeable natural grain. Smells like a luxorious latte while printing.

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Beer Filament
3d-fuel buzzed beer filament beer mug stein close up 265 x 149

A beer filled 3D printing filament made using waste byproducts from the beer making process to create a special 3D printing material with visibly unique print finishes.

Buzzed produces prints with a rich golden color and noticeable natural grain. Smells like barley grain while printing.

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Hemp Filament
entwined hemp bracelet 265-x-149

An industrial hemp 3D printing filament made using waste from industrial hemp processing. Industrial hemp requires no herbicides/pesticides for growing.

Entwined produces a translucent, medium brown with a noticeable natural grain. Smells like lawn clippings while printing.

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Trash Filament
g-clamp fully printable by johann517 thing 1673030 265-x-149

a garbage based 3D printing filament made using upcycled Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).

Because of this process, each spool of Landfillament sequesters .909lbs of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) which is the equivalent amount of greenhouse gas emitted by a car driven 1.1 miles.

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Specialty Materials


Water Soluble Support Material
hydrosupport cube water soluble filament print timelapse

HydroSupport dissolves completely in water and is much easier to print with than PVA filament. Because it dissolves in water, HydroSupport only needs to be soaked a few hours to easily work supports off by hand, or 12 – 24 hours to dissolve completely. The process can be sped up further by using warm water and agitation.

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Dyna-Purge® 3D Clean™

Extruder Purge/Cleaning Filament
dyna-purge 3D clean mid purge look

Quickly and easily clean your extruder, hotend and nozzle with Dyna-Purge 3D Clean. It is a non-abrasive, non-corrosive purge material initially developed for the injection molding industry.  By using this cleaning filament you don’t have to worry about old bits of previous material hanging on in your hotend and ruining prints.

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Glass Filled PLA

Stronger, Tougher, More Ductile
3D-Fuel 1.75mm Battleship Gray APLA spool horizontal

A first-of-its-kind, engineering-grade 3D printer filament that can be used on any machine capable of printing standard PLA. It offers similar benefits of standard PLA such as very low warp, low odor, and no special extruder or heated bed needed. But the power of its composite make-up allows it to be stronger, tougher and more ductile.

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We are very excited to be bringing you new materials soon.

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